Thursday my sweet friend and co-blogger Marlies were invited to check out the newest collection of Essentiel! After a long day of school and a fierce race to get home on time, we started off for our trip to Bruges.

Just in time and a little overdressed (a blogger? me?), Marlies and I arrived at Essentiel Bruges and were warmly welcomed by the lovely hostess Ann Gabriella. After  treating us with a drink (Apérol Spritz!), she immediately offered us a manicure and make-up session. The new Flash nail polish colors are great! I chose the green blue-ish color, while Marlies prefered burgundy. After getting my nails done, I was taken care of by Sofie, a lovely visagist with a passion for colorful make-up. Sofie showed us the latest eye make-up colors from Aveda, a wonderful brand that's 100% based on natural products. She told us enthusiasticly about all their products and make-uped us as if we were moviestars. Not an everyday look, I can tell, but in this case (overdressed and partylike) it was perfect. 

Treated and happy Marlies and I started our trip through the shop and discovered all those treasures! I have to admit: the new Flash Collection is hot! The colors are bright, the patterns merry and the fabrics soft and firm. Just what my closet needs! Unfortunately this little blonde blogger is broke after a month full of parties (which means: presents, presents, presents ...). But still, a cat may look at a king; and that's what I did!

No inspiration today? Get inspired by those great fashion books that are available @Essentiel!

Tough girly-girl Marlies!

On the wishlist: this pretty black studded bag!

                                                      Love the bag! Piglet is such a cutie!

Marlies being sad; not my size :(

Fitting my favourite items!

Totally inspired and excited we went back home. Essentiel is definitely one of my favourite Belgian stores! Me getting back there? DEFINETELY!


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