Hi sweeties,

     with a vacation looming ahead I would like to recommend you a citytrip to Leuven! Leuven is 
     known for its vibrant student life but did you know it is also a shopping walhalla? Best known 
     is the big shopping street the Bondgenotenlaan with stores from all big brands such as H&M 
     and Zara, but when I go shopping in Leuven I love to browse in the Mechelsestraat! This 
     street is a pedestrian zone, which means you can stroll at ease! 
     These three shops are my favourites:


      pictures by me
      Mixte // Mechelsestraat 39 
      Mixte offers you a mix of different styles to create a fancy look.
      Brands: Bench, American Vintage, Ichi ...

      pictures by me
      Hippy Chic // Mechelsestraat 47 
      Hippy Chic is known for its cute vintage dresses and colorful accesorries.
      Brands: Trollied Dolly ...

      pictures by me
      Het Pakjeshuis // Mechelsestraat 30 
      You want to buy something original, trendy and cute? All accessories/decorations at Het 
      Pakjeshuis are colorful and flourish your life!
      Brands: Abozee, Fatboy, Umbra ...


        pictures by me
      Le Pain Quotidien // Parijsstraat 35
      No shopping without a jummie dessert! At Le Pain Quotidien you can indulge yourself with 
      a delicious pastry or other delicious sweeties!