Unfortunately I have had some problems with my lips the previous weeks. Because of the cold weather, my lips were very dry and chapped, which is, in my case, dreadfull! So I started my quest for a good lipbalm and I found this beautiful stick from Dr. Pierre Ricaud. I did not know the products from Pierre Ricaud before, but what a surprise! After two days, my chapped dry lips were totally fed and shiny again! This lipbalm contains Vitamine E and Galambutter, which feeds and calms the lips. Unlike some other caring lipbalms, this stick does not make your lips oily, it just leaves a thin protection layer, which protects against cold winds and dry Summer days. For the scent, nothing really special to mention; it has the nice lipbalm smell (which I really love!) but there is another great plus point: you can even apply this lipbalm above your lipstick! The lipstick will last longer on the lips and protect them on the same time!

So babes, this is it for today! Have a nice evening!
Big love,