Hi there! It's me again with a fresh, new review! Two weeks ago I bought this Syoss Heat Protection Spray and got the new innovated shampoo as a present. 

I've been using a heat protector from New Wave for a very long time, but since it is a gel and I have the impression it makes my hair greasy (maybe jt's just my imagination?), I looked for another heat protector. Prefferably a spray. So I bought this spray from Syoss (the little brother from Schwartzkopf). 

- Soothes your hair
- Protects your hear against heat (220°C maximum)
- Protects against dehydration

I have to admit that the package of this heat spray immediately caught my attention, it looks really professional and stylish.

My experience 
Unfortunately this product did not live up to my expectations. Instead of making my hear soft and smooth, it made it crunchy and dehydrated (what protection??). As I could smell when spraying it on my hair, this spray contains alcohol. If there is something I learned, it is that alcohol is not good for your hair! Shame on you, mr. Schwartzkopf! I absolutely disliked this product and I wouldn't recommend it at all. Better look for another heat protector...

I got this shampoo from Syoss as a present and must admit I'm very happy with it. It has a delicious smell (candy candy candy!) and makes my hair soft and shiny. Nothing but goods about this shampoo (lucky for you mr. Schwartzkopf, otherwise I would never again buy a Syoss product in my life).


PS: Do you guys use Syoss? What are your experiences?