This morning the mailman suprised me with the April 2013 version op the Deauty Box! I wasn't expecting a box so this little present made my day! The content of the box made me even happier! I was craving for the Eucerin Dermato Clean since forever, but I kept waiting until my other cleanser was completely empty. Next to this Skin cleanser there is also some sheet masks, a body butter, a hydration spray, a day cream and a little parfum. 

Theme of this month? Skin hydration!

Vanessa Tugendhaft - Or Blanc parfum - 5 ml (full size 50 ml - € 75,00) 
Vanessa Tugendhaft is a young Belgian jewelry designer who introduced lately some Niche parfums. This cute flask contains a sweet flower scent with a wood-like dash of yasmine, orange blossom and figs. Instead of the usual spray dop, this flask has a roller on top, that makes it easy to roll on this lovely scent on your wrists.

Payot Hydra24 day cream - 15 ml (full size 50 ml - € 42,00)
This day cream was produced by Payot to soften and hydrate the skin. Its honey extract boost the hydration system in the skin and the Baicalensis root regulates the drainage of water. Although everyone talks about the day cream, this product can also be worn at night.

Sheet masks
I never heard of sheet masks ever, so I'm a little curious about this product. The purpose is to drench the little tablets in your favourite beauty care product until you have a coton face mask. 20 minutes to soak into your skin and in the meantime: enjoy!

Eucerin DermatoCLEAN  - 125 ml (full size 200 ml - € 12,50)
The DermatoCLEAN from Eucerin is a purifying lotion and a face tonic in one flask! Comes in handy! The cleanser purifies your ski thoroughly and hydrates it at the same time. No pafum, alcohol, pigments or parabenes, this product will not irritate the eyes or skin. 

Avène Eau Thermale spray - 50 ml (full size 50 ml - € 2,50) 
Top product of Avène! This spray calms irritated skin and makes it softer. This spray is efficient for every skin type ànd it fits in your bag!

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter - 50 ml (full size 200 ml - € 16,00) 
This creamy body butter soaks easily into the skin, treats it and protects it. It prevents moisture loss and softens the skin immediately. The main ingredients are olive oil, cacao butter and shea butter.

My favourite product stays the Eucerin cleanser, but I'm so curious to test all the others! I'll keep you guys posted!