Hi guys! What about a makeup post? Let me share my daily makeup routine with you! It simple, simple, simple but it works for me, day after day!


Normally, I use a daycream from Hema or Nivea but when I bought my toner at Lush a few weeks ago (review here) I received this moisturizer tester. I've been using Gorgeous moisturizer for a week now and I'm happy to say that it is a really good product. The cream has a fresh, fruity scent and absorbs really fast. It feeds my skin and keeps it soft. Although it's a bit an expensive product (because of the ingredients) I will definitely buy it when my tester is completely finished!

I'm not a real foundation lover, in fact I hate it... Somehow all foundations look orange on me. That's why I was so happy to discover this Matt Mousse by Catrice! Since I do not have acne very often I just need a bit of a teint to hide some dry spots on my face, and that's exactly what this mousse does. It softly covers the red spots on my face and creates a natural appearance. 

Hema Eye Shadow Pallet
I'm not a fan of heavy eye shadow but hold on to a light color every day. Nowadays I use my brownish eye shadow palet from Hema. Most of the time I use the light beige color on my eyes. It gives my face a natural but still shiny look, which I really love! 

Catrice Eye Liner Pen
I like to give my eyes an extra by using my eye liner pen from Catrice. It's not an every day must, but sometimes if I want a little bit of a retro look I draw myself the little doe line. 

My absolute favourite every day product is my Chanel mascara. I've never had a mascara that looked so good on my eye lashes! No clots, no smudges, simply perfect. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I never go outside without mascara, and that I'm carrying this baby wherever I go. Mascara is a must for me, every single day!

Like I said, it's not a big deal but it works for me!
Are you wearing makeup every day?