This year the maquillage from the Isabel Marant fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week was tended by Estée Lauder. Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux created especially for this fashion show a nude and natural look. As you can see on the draft below, the focus is laying on the eyebrows, to create a bit of an androgyn look. No mascara, only a light gray eyeshadow, pinky blush and light lipstick. They wanted to give us the impression their models are not wearing makeup, and they succeeded!

"I wanted t create a make-up look that was both feminine and boyish. The focus is on brows, which are effortless but controlles - full, with volume, almost masculine. Make-up on the face is very light, very sheer, like a veil, while the lips are simple, natural and nude" Tom Pecheux

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Foundation: Equalizer
Blush: Pure Color
Eye Shadow: Film Noir
Lipstick: Brilliant Bare
all by Estée Lauder

I must say I really like this natural, nude look. Especially in summer it is perfect for me, although I have to admit I'm not the kind of person that's going outside without mascara. Mascara is a must to me, it gives me just that little bit more confidence and makes me feel very girly. What about you?