Hi guys! Today I'm going to share with you my favourite 
home made study meal; a French baguette with egg salad!

This recipe will only take you 15 minutes, 
it's very easy but so delicious!

4 eggs
pepper & salt
sunflower oil
egg boiler/casserole

Boil the eggs. 

If you use an egg boiler you just have to wait until the annoying 
(i hate it!) sound goes off to know if they're ready.
If you use a casserole, wait until the water cooks, put 
the eggs in the casserole and wait 10 minutes.

Cool the eggs before you start peeling them.

Peel the eggs and smash them with a fork.

 Add the sunflower oil, thyme and salt & pepper to the smashed eggs.
Optional: you can also add a spoon of mayonnaise if you like. 

Add your home made egg salad to your French baguette and decorate
your plate with fresh vegetables.

Bon Appétit!

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