Beauty alert ladies! Today I'm going to share with you my favourite beauty shop in Ghent: LUSH!

Ofcourse LUSH is already known for quite a long time but since September 2012 the British  beauty brand opened his first affiliate in Ghent. Ever since it is the place to be for beauty addicts. LUSH coshers his clients with beauty and bath products in different colors and smells. Got to love it!

The cool thing about LUSH products is that they are 100% fresh and handmade. Every week, the special facial scrubs, that are conserved in a large tub with ice, are being renewed in order to guarantee the clients the freshness of their products. LUSH tries to use packages as little as possible so most of their products are available in solid forms or durable boxes. Massage oil, perfume, toothpaste… even shampoo has its own crazy solid form (see the macaron!!!). Good to know is that LUSH never ever test its products on animals. They fight against animal suffering

Last but not least, the LUSH staff is amazing! They always overwhelm you with information, a friendly smile and a lot of testers! They're not just a staff, they're one big family; and that's the feeling you get when entering the shop: a warm welcome from an amazingly warm LUSH family.
I'm a believer. 

This month, LUSH has special christmas products: Snowman and Santa Claus Bath Bombs, special gift boxes... I know what to put under the Christmas tree!

LUSH Ghent

Langemunt 1 

9000 Gent

Ma-Za: 10h - 19h

As I said, if you buy a LUSH product, they indulge you with testers. I picked my three favourite testers for you. 


The big shampoo may look a bit weird, but smells like heaven! They promised me more volume in my hair, easy unravelling and a great smell during the whole day. 

I'm so happy it came up to my expectations! My boyfriend complimented me because of the lovely odour and my hair has never been so soft before!

You can buy Big online here X

Tiny Hands

This handcare product is unlike most other handcare products solid. The bar (in the form of a hand) melts softly while rubbing it in your hands. It protects your hands by creating an oily layer. It makes your hands soft and give them a delicious odour.

You can buy Tiny Hands online here: X

Oatifix Fresh Mask                                                                                    Recommended!

When I opened this little tub the odour of cookie dough with a touche of vanille came up to me. This facial mask contains Oatmeal, bananas and vanilla and is produced to feed or protect a dry skin. 

When I put this mark on my skin, I felt a soft peeling. After a few minutes I took this facial of and my skin felt perfectly soft. I love this!

You can buy Oatifix Fresh Mask online here: X

Love and a lot of fun while shopping at LUSH,