Vogue December 2012 - January 2013
Sublime de Chanel Noir

Lately I have been studying a lot so I thought I deserved a little present to encourage myself to go on studying (I hate studying!) 

I finally bought a Chanel mascara. I already had walked with it through the store for several times but today I bought it at last. For years I used mascaras from cheap brands and I always had problems with them (clots, stains...). That's why I decided to invest a bit more in expensive makeup. I doubted wether picking Chanel or Guerlain but I decided to buy  Chanel because of the brilliant reviews I read about it. (And maybe a bit because of the golden detail :) )

There's no studying without pausing! And what's better than taking a break in style with the fashion bible Vogue? Yeah, I thought so ;)

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Yours sincerely